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Hello! So I want to setup 1.1 1.1 on Android manually without the app because I already have a VPN profile used by a firewall and can’t use the VPN profile required for the app. So I went to my wifi network and set it up manually and now on their help page it says I am connected but encryption is not enabled(DNS over tls). How do I enable it?

For DNS over tls you need the app installed or your vpn client should support that.

Oh well. If I don’t have DNS over tls what does that mean? Does it mean that the data is sent to Cloudflare but unencrypted or it’s it just sent to my ISP as if I am not using Cloudflare.

It means you are using Cloudflare DNS service for resolving domains but the DNS traffic is not encrypted. When DNS data is not encrypted then no matter where it goes, your ISP can read it.

Does it mean that the data is sent to Cloudflare but unencrypted


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Ok. Well I mean in that case are there any benefits of using it that way? And is there absolutely no way to somehow encrypt the connection manually (without a VPN profile) ?

Why you don’t install CF client? It would be used for DNS queries and your traffic will go through your VPN. Even without that using it or the Google ones are recommended (IMO).


I believe some devices with Android Pie hide this option (well, forget to enable it) in the UI though.

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Thanks@judge but I am on Nougat and no update is coming in the near future I guess. I might get a custom ROM though. You know any good? Also that CF client I might give it a try but I actually don’t have a VPN since I am using my VPN profile for Glasswire’s firewall.

Hey update! So I got Firefox on my Phone and changed a few settings so DNS over HTTPS is used. Check it out

So does that mean that now all my traffic is sent to Cloudflare and is encrypted so no one can read it? Or not? Also is it bad that I am only connected to two of the four resolver addresses? Does that affect anything? If you could answer all these questions for me I would be really grateful:).

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