losing packets

I got some alerts from my Unifi router with lost connection and it took me a while to find the supposed problem.

When returning to the original router of the internet operator, it comes with no DNS registered, when I went to configure I solved the performance with the GRC DNS performance software and I noticed that specifically is randomly losing packets.

My requests originate in São Paulo/Brazil by the operator Vivo/Telefonica

but does DNS resolution work?

That’s what is for. It does not need to respond to pings, and it should not matter (to you) if it loses ICMP packets (I guess half of the world is always pinging

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Hi, I know it’s a “dumb” test, but EdgeRouter-X was reporting constant problems and disconnections, and I always used I currently migrated to, and I don’t get the alerts.

A lot of people use, but a lot of people use and, but only Cloudflare DNS losing packets.

Does the same thing happen with


I do see one packet with a much higher than average response. I’d like to think that because has been improperly assigned by ISPs for local testing, there might still be some special treatment for traffic. But I wouldn’t know what would cause that intermittently.

For now, I’d suggest that you use instead and see how it behaves.

Pinging an IP is not a particularly good test. Are DNS lookups failing for you? If not… there isn’t a problem (except for the poor testing methods).

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It sounds like there were some issues:

I’m not sure what it’s alerting about, though.

My partner/ network admin runs a ubiquity router and I am less than impressed. I know all the cool kids run one these day but…

This cool kid keeps his Unifi kit in a storage tote in the garage. Too much trouble for my simple home needs.

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The ping test can be simple, but just compare and, something wrong is happening.
Comparing to Google DNS or OpenDNS, only is responding strangely.

Anyway I tested on EdgeRouter and ISP’s original router (modified Mitrastar), the result is the same.

Could it be a problem with my ISP? Yes.

If you have ideas for other tests, I’d be happy to do that and find out what might be going on, it would be more productive.

Failure to respond to a an ICMP packet is not indicative of a problem, hence my description of Ubiquiri’s test as a poor one. As a lay person no reason for you to know that, as a manufacturer of network equipment… well there’s a reason I don’t buy into their hype. is not a ping echo server / service (not sure why would operate one …). It is a DNS server, hence my question regarding DNS lookup failure. If DNS lookups aren’t timing out it is working just fine. A low level network test like Ping is not a good measure of DNS availability or performance. Servers and networks drop ICMP packets all the time for a variety of reasons (Cloudflare likely drops some for performance reasons, but whatever the reason it isn’t a reflection of service avail or performance WRT DNS queries).

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