keeps randomly disconnecting

I use the app on Android on a One plus 5t android 9 full tunnel HTTPS.

The app randomly disconnects from the VPN profile. When I open the app the connection is instantly restored. This happens very frequently and even when I stay on the same network.

I’ve also had problems with it on my BT WiFi where my internet connection won’t work but I’m still connected to the WiFi. As soon as I turn off and on it begins working again.

Does anyone have any ideas of how I can fix this?

Is the VPN set to ‘always active’?

Settings --> Network And Internet --> Advanced --> --> tap the gear -->. Always Keep VPN Active.

Something like that. I am on Android One, German UI so it could be different for you.

VPNs could get disconnected when the phone is locked but the connection should be re-established immediately when you unlock your device.

Check your energy settings for the app. Android 9 has an energy management which is more advanced than in Android 8. Well they call it advanced. I call it ‘special’.

Seems to have worked.

Thanks for your help

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