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Hi all,

I use NordVPN and they have their own DNS servers ( and But after reading about being the fastest DNS server, I changed my DNS to that. However, sites are now taking longer to resolve. Why is that? Also, if my DNS request is encrypted by the VPN, at which point does it get decrypted and how? Who has access to the decrypted request?

Hi @onetime!

Can you please share the link you get from — the Internet’s Fastest, Privacy-First DNS Resolver ?

Please review https://developers.cloudflare.com/

I’ve reverted back to NordVPN’s DNS servers. Might come back to this sometime soon.

Can you show me a screenshot of the speed test results?

Not the best test, but can still give an idea. I used First Paint & Page Load Time chrome extension.

In the following diagram I’m using NordVPN’s DNS server.

Then, the following is using and

Always stick with your VPN DNS.

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Hi @amayorga @AppleSlayer

Please find speed-test screenshots attached above.

Also, just experimentally, I went back to Cloudflare’s DNS. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but you can see from the screenshots attached how much of a difference there is in speed.

Finally, here’s the link you asked of me, @amayorga:

Using NordVPN’s DNS

Using Cloudflare’s DNS

Hi @onetime!

I notice your traffic is going to FRA datacenter on both tests.

I’m also not entirely sure what that extension compares as the red bar is definitely shorter in at under 300 while the other is over 1125…

Can you test with https://speed.cloudflare.com/ on both configurations please?


@amayorga, sure, see below. I’ve decided to stick to my VPN’s DNS!

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