is using the farest server for my location

I live in the north of Brazil, and the nearest DNS server for my location is the server (Fortaleza, BR), but I’m getting from (São Paulo, BR) instead, I should be getting DNS resolve from ‘Fortaleza’ which is among 23ms against 50ms of ‘São Paulo’, it’s strange, cuz’ in the status servers location everything seems to be working fine with Fortaleza server. I hope you guys fix this problem with my location, be getting the farthest server instead of the nearest

Oh, I’m sure there are servers farther away than 50ms.


I live in Austria (Europe) and use WireGuard and Cloudflare WARP+.
Cloudflare WARP+ is assigning me a New York (USA) public IP. (
I’m using as DNS (running unbound on my router).
When I’m using as DNS, I get a local (Munich) puplic IP.
I want to use my own, local DNS.(
How can I resolve this?

I can provide account_id, access_token, private_key, public_key, or license_key if needed.
Or link.
https://cloudflare.com/cdn-cgi/trace also states:

After disabling and enabling my WireGuard connection 10x, I suddenly got a local (Munich) public IP.
How can I control this?

After a computer restart, I’m bach to an US based public IP again. After disabling and enabling my connecion 20x I gave up…