is not working with Hathway Broadband (Indian ISP)

Hi @cs-cf, How about if you could launch an additional IP since I don’t think Hathway would seriously care about solving this problem. Except Airtel and Tata, no company would care to make any changes just for DNS Company.

So if you could really go ahead and launch another IP?

This would solve a lot of Global Issues with

We also have and 2 IPv6 addresses available. Settings are on Cloudflare-dns.com.

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Sure, I totally understand. @cs-cf

But Indian isn’t compatible with IPv6 at-least max of it.

Secondly, is the single DNS. Which means I have to use in the secondary?

What’s the point left to use either?

I still believe if you can give out the third IP for the DNS and that solves max. of the issue we’ve been facing.

Cloudflare has been fair to everyone 100% but right now just because ISPs aren’t easy to fix the issue.

We or least, I myself believe I’m being at the lower side of the favor you are doing on all of us with

If I can’t use I feel bad.

Maybe you can try using DNS-over-HTTPS. Usually the primary is preferred, if and only if, it doesn’t work it will fallback to Google which I might say is not so bad, a bit less privacy, but still better than the ISP provided one.

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At present I’m using on my router

  1. CF
  2. OpenDNS
  3. Google

Working on getting Unbound on my ER-X so I can do DNS over TLS.

EDIT: I understand OpenDNS maybe slower, but I do a lot of playing around with DNS records (part of the job) so their cache check feature really helps me. Is there something similar for CF, a way to clear DNS cache?

We may add other addresses in the future… all kinds of discussions internally on ‘what’s next’. But at the moment (at least for me) the broken nature of is being used as a forcing function to encourage network operators to clean-up/ fix some long standing issues.

India is actually doing pretty well on the IPv6 front all things considered, but you’re right still a ways to go. I should have done more network testing when I was in Mysore a couple of years back, but I was too busy working on learning to write Sanskrit and my ahimsa. :slight_smile:

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I thank you for your visit to the India. I really appreciate that. :slight_smile: @cs-cf
Actually, IPv6 is used among corporate or near-by areas to the node only. Which I believe doesn’t consist of 10% of the total usage of Broadband in India.

IPv6 is a very long-way to go for India because here the routers/modems companies are providing aren’t IPv6 ready (at-least their in-house modems which they manufacture under their white-labeling).

I’m eagerly waiting for the additional IPs to come so that I and my fellow affected Indians can use the full advantage of your DNS services.

I have mailed the Hathway Broadband (My ISP) but there isn’t any revert, I have done the community work also by encouraging a lot of Hathway users (my friends) to mail them but they haven’t received the revert from them.

Let’s see if they ever do the needful or just dodge the emails like they do always.

I thank you for continuously monitoring this thread. Best wishes for the success of

I’ll be using as soon as both Primary and Secondary will be available to use.

P.S.: I don’t like mixing the two/more DNS providers (Google with OpenDNS with

Hathway Modem Model: Skyworth CM5100-511 You can add this model to the affected list of the routers/modem in the thread you’ve linked.

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Good luck with that. :slight_smile:

So many things are broken, they are like that because there are thousands of ISPs that don’t care. This predates things like Smurf and continues with nonsense like HE.net not filtering their customers’ BGP announcements.

Hi, I wanted to update that it’s more than 1 week since I have mailed them and I asked other friends of mine to mail them but there isn’t any fix/reply/revert or any call from them about the same.

I knew they would skip and just dodge as they always do.

@shantanuthatte if you could update anything you might know?

P.S.: I still recommend/believe that CF should launch third IP.

No updates from my side. Will escalate soon.

Hi. I want to again update that Hathway hasn’t taken a single bit of step to fix this issue.

I believe it might be enough time for Cloudflare to understand that there isn’t going to be any action from Hathway’s side.

Wait and Wait and Wait is the only case we have.

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Unfortunately is so abused that it will take time to fix every instance, in many cases many years I presume. Too many networks announce it internally without owning it.

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Hi. Yeah. Let’s see if they ever introduce any alternative since seems to be noted as a wrong route chosen.

I don’t think they will, at least not unless they introduce some features (like EDNS Client Subnet support). It was a conscious decision, they wanted to use it to have a cool IP and also to help with cleaning it up.

Hi, I wanted to update with the report that it’s still not working even after 4-5 months and as @cs-cf mentioned here

I quote his message:

We may add other addresses in the future… all kinds of discussions internally on ‘what’s next’. But at the moment (at least for me) the broken nature of is being used as a forcing function to encourage network operators to clean-up/ fix some long standing issues.

It is clearly something ISPs here aren’t really careing about. Maybe if Cloudflare could do something now? Because I have complaint numerous times but they (ISP) aren’t listening to this.

Introducing an alternative IP would be a better thing to do if is something which can’t be forced or fixed for some ISP.

It’s actually something in which user (for both ISP and Cloudflare facing this issue) isn’t at fault but still facing the issue without any resolution whatsoever. :sweat:

I admit it might somewhat of a fundamentalist point of view, but bluntly put I’d say the best course of action might be to cancel any service with such service providers. If they cant bother not to keep an address space hijacked they shouldnt need to bother about your business either. Voting with your wallet often is the only recourse.

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I wish I could do that but sometimes you don’t have options but here Cloudflare does has option to introduce alternative since everything was just fine. But the IP which is being used here is having loads of issue not just for the ISP I’m using? But many others.

What I would say is that looks good in terms of branding but the real help is hidden behind it’s branding (at-least in this case where in our country’s top-3 ranked ISP can’t do anything to make usable). The ISP who’s in question, it’s handling a lot of customers through out the country. I wish Cloudflare could actually think of something here?

Since, It’s a project to help people.

Everything is still fine, your existing resolver still resolves I assume :slight_smile: . Bluntly put once more, you dont have to use

“Many” might be subjective, but yes, it is not only your ISP who is hijacking address spaces, however that still doesnt make that right.

It is not that I dont understand your point, but the underlying issue still is that your ISP (and some others) simply hijacks addresses and seems to get away with that. Instead of complaining to them (and eventually cancelling subscriptions if they refuse to listen to their customers) people suggest Cloudflare should change their perfectly legitimate IP. It is that last bit I cant fully understand.

I wish you could understand anything I said or grasp that if you knew the ecosystem of the country I am from where you have minimal to least options of ISPs.

If you question of terminating my connection with them? It means I’m broadband-less.

I will wait for Cloudflare or any official rep. to actually give a thought on it and make some of us or bunch of us who still can’t use can actually enjoy it’s benefits if they introduce alternative.

Rest, I don’t have anything else to say.

P.S.: I’ve been using Cloudflare’s DNS and Cache for my domains, I’m a fan of Cloudflare’s services for a very long-time. So, I would actually love to use for my personal internet and business internet as well.

I dont know your situation so I cant comment on it and if you have exactly one single ISP in the area where you live it certainly doesnt make it easier. But all of that doesnt change the fact that it is not Cloudflare which is at fault here but your ISP.
No offence, but you seem to redirect the blame as Cloudflare might be an easier target than your ISP.

I am not sure where the government or a change in country came in though :confused:

But may I still ask, whats wrong with your ISP’s resolver?