is not reachable in my country!

Hello Cloudflare guys!
I hope that you are doing great, i am from Libya and I have been using Cloudflare for a while now, the closest servers to Libya are located in Greece…the problem is that isn’t reachable at all, works fine.
Does & have the same quality and speed?, can I depend only on
I am using a CPE (wimax route …SWC 9100).

Can you post a traceroute to

Hello Sandro … Would you please help me out how to do that exactly?.. I will be grateful to you

I presume you are using Windows, right?

I am using Windows 7 and Android 8.0

In this case, open the start menu, type “cmd”, that should select the “Command Prompt” or cmd.exe, open that, and type the following command, followed by enter

tracert -d

Copy its output and post it here.

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Sorry for being late … Here is my results


It seems your router hijacked and does not forward the request to its actual destination.

Maybe there is some way to configure it so that it releases the address or maybe you could change to another model which does not hijack the address. I’d contact the ISP and try to clarify that. A quick search for that model unfortunately did not reveal much.

Thank you very much
I will keep just using for now
Do you think it will give me the same quality of ?.. Can I depend just on

Thats a question to be answered in detail by Cloudflare, but considering is the complementary server I’d expect it to work just as fine.

Though, I’d still try to fix the issue with the hijacked address. No device should that, thats a matter of principle :slight_smile:

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The alternate addresses provide exactly the same performance, what might differ is the routing quality, but if you can’t reach, then or the IPv6 addresses are your best bet.

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That doesnt tell us much more than what we already know :wink:

The problem appears to be with your router.

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