is blocking our domain t2m[.]io

Dear Team,

We provide URL shortening services via t2m[.]io domain. Many of our customers complaint that their URLs are not loading with CLoudflare dns.

Could you please check if any of your network/system is blocking our domain t2m[.]io.

This blocking of domain might happened because of some SPAM URLs created by few bad users on t2m[.]io domain. We always blocking all the SPAM URLs and users. If you detected any, then feel free to share that info.

Thanks in advance.

It’s blocked with (part of for Families), so it was marked as malware.

dig t2m.io @ +short
dig t2m.io @ +short

The re-categorize form you can submit is at https://report.teams.cloudflare.com/ - past this, the Community forum can’t help in de-classifying it as malware.


Thanks for the quick response. I have submitted the report for re-categorize. Now, how can I see the category name/status? means where can I see the current category or updated categories for our domain?