iOS app - DNS filtering resolver settings are reset when app is reopened

iOS 15.4.1
Cloudflare app latest version 6.10

It seems the iOS app has a bug where when you open the app and it shows “updating connection info”, it resets whatever settings you had for the malware / adult DNS filter.

To reproduce:

  • in DNS only mode (no WARP), DNS over HTTPS protocol

  • Set up as always-on / “on demand” iOS VPN

  • Advanced → Connection options → DNS settings → for Families

  • Set one of the DNS filters on this setting

  • Close app, lock device (optional: restart device)

  • re-open the app

Notice that the DNS filter setting is reset to the default unfiltered resolver when the app is reopened.

This is dangerous since there is no way for the user to tell the filter is disabled unless they either:

  • Open the settings to see
  • Visit an unsafe site that should’ve been filtered.

Workaround: don’t open the app unless needed, change setting manually when app is opened. The setting does persist across device reboots, until the app is opened again there it resets.

I’ve been noticing this for the last several months. I submitted a diagnostic report through the app several weeks ago, didn’t hear anything and wanted to post here.

Thanks for looking into it.

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