in Saskatoon

Hi there,

I am in Saskatoon and use Sasktel as my ISP. I have their FTTH service called Infinet. I am trying to use as my DNS, but when I do a trace route I keep getting sent to your systems in VANIX instead of YXEIX, where you also now have a presence. Any idea why this would happen? Anything I could do to fix this? My ping to in Vancouver is between 20-30ms while my pings to Sasktel’s DNS are less than 10ms, which is why I was hoping your local servers in YXEIX would give me the best of both worlds. Thanks.

Same situation in Calgary, I still hit YVR (or periodically YYZ). I’ve tested a bunch of different local providers and I’ve yet to see YYC, it’s always YVR, YEG, or SEA.

Can anyone from Cloudflare look into this behaviour for us?

Calgary ISP Nucleus is peered with YYCIX. (www.nucleus.com)

its because shaw and telus are not peered with YYCIX. want a fix, switch to Nucleus (www.nucleus.com) I am using it and and CDN routs are amazing.

they are also peered with akamai, HE, Packet Clearing House, fibernetics (and fibernetics is peered with cogent)

Nucleus made it clear they aren’t interested in my money (I pay the most I can for business bandwidth, and expect to use it), nor do they offer comparable service.

Even if they did, the reality is that it doesn’t matter; I don’t need great access for me, I need it for my customers and Nucleus serves a tiny percentage of the Calgary market.

YVR isn’t that far away (in terms of network), but at 30ms that’s a minimum of 60ms+ for a local Shaw or TELUS customer to hit my origin. This isn’t terrible, but it isn’t ideal within the same city.