Using DNS over WARP says "NO"

I can copy the connection info on the help page, but I just wanted to ask first if it is normal for a windows machine using warp, to go to, and the field that says Using DNS over WARP says no, even though my warp application settings says DNS protocol is WARP? Even when I can go to a site like icanhazip.com and it shows my Cloudflare protected ipv6 address.

Same as here:

No update from Cloudflare, no plans to change that. Confusion everywhere.

Hi! AFAIK the DNS traffic is split off and goes over DoH while the rest of the traffic goes through the tunnel. This should be visible in the client configuration. The test site only shows how you you talk to for DNS, it’s not meant to be a WARP test page.

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Is there a WARP test page? Apart from the text file at https://cloudflare.com/cdn-cgi/trace

Well, this is weird, today DOES show DNS over WARP as “YES”

Let me ask, it should be visible in the warp client (one the Mac OS client I’m using it does at least).
Here it is: https://help.teams.cloudflare.com


This is a nice page! It shows if you use WARP-only, DoH-only or both. :+1:

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