shows no connection sometimes

I have Cloudflare dns configured in dns-over-https (doh_proxy) on my router. 99% of time when I check connection on with my mobile browser it says that:
But sometimes it shows this:
Even though dnsleaks shows that I’m connected to Cloudflare, my internet is working and every divice on my network is passing this test. But if refresh this page then again it shows everything is okay ( like in the first link I posted).
It happens intermittently, very rarely, but it happens. What can cause this? I’ve never seen this behavior on my desktop browser (maybe just luck), only on my mobile browser.

So I did a test. I had 3 android phones, 1 laptop and 2 types of internet(mobile internet and cable internet(wi-fi)).
All android phones sometimes showed “no connection, but AS name Cloudflare” regardless of intenet type. But devices with mobile internet showed “no connection” more often than with wi-fi.
And my laptop didn’t showed this error a single time.

Update. I found a reddit post with the same “problem”.

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