says that my Macbook Pro is connected but there is no indication that this is true

I am trying to disconnect from I have used before and I am trying to understand if my Macbook Pro is currently connected to I cannot find any indication on my machine that I am connected except for the fact that https://one.one.one.one/help says that I am (custom debug link below). Is it possible that the help page is wrong? If not, what can I do to verify?

Some additional data:

  • I believe it is local to my OS and not my wifi. All other machines on the same wifi connection are not connected to
  • No matter what wifi connection my Macbook Pro is connected to, the help page says I am connected to
  • I cannot find any MacOS system settings that indicate I am connected to
  • I have restarted my machine multiple times
  • Custom debug link: https://one.one.one.one/help/#eyJpc0NmIjoiWWVzIiwiaXNEb3QiOiJObyIsImlzRG9oIjoiWWVzIiwicmVzb2x2ZXJJcC0xLjEuMS4xIjoiWWVzIiwicmVzb2x2ZXJJcC0xLjAuMC4xIjoiWWVzIiwicmVzb2x2ZXJJcC0yNjA2OjQ3MDA6NDcwMDo6MTExMSI6Ik5vIiwicmVzb2x2ZXJJcC0yNjA2OjQ3MDA6NDcwMDo6MTAwMSI6Ik5vIiwiZGF0YWNlbnRlckxvY2F0aW9uIjoiTEFYIiwiaXNXYXJwIjoiTm8iLCJpc3BOYW1lIjoiQ2xvdWRmbGFyZSIsImlzcEFzbiI6IjEzMzM1In0=

Hi @cicecew458,

It could be your browser using a different DNS server, other than the one set in the OS, Because the /help page shows the connection is DoH.

Verify your browser and local DNS settings.

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