for Families - blocking pictures of underdressed people


I understood for Families works great to block nudity, but I found it does not block content such as pictures of women in lingerie (or swimwear or similar). Could you perhaps consider creating a for Families DNS for this purpose? Like for IPV4 and the corresponding IPV6 address?

Check this:

It’s DNS-based blocking, they can only block entire domains, they can’t block individual pages or images. And the list of domains to block is likely purchased from a third party. There are companies that maintain lists of known pornographic sites but I doubt any such list exists matching your criteria, and if it did, it would probably block most of the web: Wikipedia, Amazon, almost everything really.

I understand if the list of domains to block is indeed purchased from a third party, it requires more effort to develop this feature, but this does not mean it is impossible. for Families could at least try blocking a good deal of lingerie/swimwear domains.
For an enterprise organization, perhaps you want to block that ¨almost everything¨, except perhaps only Wikipedia.

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