for Families ( - Blocking NotTheBee?

Hi. appears to be blocking NotTheBee dot com. Can that be allowlisted please? There’s no malware or adult material on there.

Why do you think it’s blocked? Looks fine to me:

dig NotTheBee.com @
NotTheBee.com. 108 IN A
NotTheBee.com. 108 IN A

No bad categories on radar either


Good question. I did check the “dig” command as well and got the same. I get an ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR when I use the regular DNS. When I switch to or Google, the site comes up fine. Based on that error, maybe it’s not blocked but getting a different error altogether?

Interesting. Yea, if it was blocked it would just be For me, and return the exact same IPs for that site.

What IPs do you see returned on vs

Definitely seems like it should work based on this. I do wonder if it’s an issue on the website’s side:

% dig notthebee.com @ +short

% dig notthebee.com @ +short

% dig notthebee.com @ +short