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If we use as DNS resolver, is there anyway we can monitor and manage the DNS queries from our offices? We currently use OpenDNS which gives us visibility and control over the DNS queries. Just wondering if Cloudflare offers similar features.

No. is focussed on privacy and far away from censorship or spying people.

If you really neeed control over your internal DNS requests, intercept them before they leave your network, log requests on your internal DNS severs, use Firewalls and give them CF DNS as upstream servers, or stay at OpenDNS.

I still use OpenDNS as well at home, for only one good reason: youth protection. And will be replaced with pihole and as upstream soon. Logging is disabled.

My personal oppinion and mit meant to be offending:

No one should be able to see others requests. Though there might be %reasons% for companies to log requests. And from my point of view ‘security’ is not really an Argument. There are other options.