for Android 7.0

There is an easier way to connect to using Android (at at least Android 7.0, to my knowledge.)

  1. Go to your Wi-Fi settings.

  2. Click your connected network and click edit.

  3. On the part that says “IP settings,” click it and switch it to Static.

  4. Go to the input box labeled DNS 1 and type in For the failsafe, click DNS 2 and type in

  5. Click save, and you’re finished! Enjoy your better speed and privacy!

I explored this option on my Kindle Fires, since they’re basically Android.

As soon as I saw the ‘static’ requirement, I gave up, since it uses DHCP and I didn’t want any IP address conflicts. Granted, this is at work, so there’s a greater likelihood of IP address contention. At home, this would be a pretty good option, and use an IP address outside your DHCP range.

My “WI-FI settings” in Android 8.1 don’t let me edit the IP settings. It will display it, but not allow editing. I am using a VPN, maybe this makes a difference?
I also wanted to mention that Kindle Fires are far behind regular Android versions. I think the latest is equivalent to Android 5.5

depending on VPN used, you can edit DNS to so your VPN connection uses for DNS instead or do it at router level

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