for Android 7.0


There is an easier way to connect to using Android (at at least Android 7.0, to my knowledge.)

  1. Go to your Wi-Fi settings.

  2. Click your connected network and click edit.

  3. On the part that says “IP settings,” click it and switch it to Static.

  4. Go to the input box labeled DNS 1 and type in For the failsafe, click DNS 2 and type in

  5. Click save, and you’re finished! Enjoy your better speed and privacy!


I explored this option on my Kindle Fires, since they’re basically Android.

As soon as I saw the ‘static’ requirement, I gave up, since it uses DHCP and I didn’t want any IP address conflicts. Granted, this is at work, so there’s a greater likelihood of IP address contention. At home, this would be a pretty good option, and use an IP address outside your DHCP range.