families issue

I am interested in families. Have young kids and want to prevent accidental viewing of adult material.

I have changed primary and secondary router settings. Adult sites are now blocked on a laptop, but seem to still be accessible on mobile device (iOS) if I type certain addresses into Safari browser. However if I go to the test site using laptop or mobile it gives me a message indicating it’s working and things are protected. Any thoughts on why it seems to work on the laptop but not the mobile device, but yet both say the are working if info to the test site URL? Tia

Is the mobile device using cellular data or Apple Private Relay? The first will obviously not be affected by your router settings, and the second will use its own DNS instead of the router set one.

Not using cellular data. The device is connected to my home wi-fi network so going through router. Specific adult sites if put directly into the safari browser are not blocked at all. I’m not sure what Apple Private Relay is though. Not familiar with that.

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