Error(license key)

HI there,
Yesterday I installed Warp Beta PC.
Today I entered the license key from my phone, it had 1 gb warp + data.
I activated Cf Warp in Pc and it no longer works properly.
It couldn’t even connect to your network(Singapore).

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Hey there,

Thanks for your question.

Just to confirm, does warp+ no longer work on the PC or on the phone? Is the issue still happening?


I would also like to call in @kkrum, he is from the correct team.


Can you file a feedback via the in-app mechanism and send me the ticket number that gets sent to your email?

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WARP+ Works in my phone but doesn’t work in my PC.
If I try to connect to warp in my PC,it connects but if I try to open any websites.I get a NXDOMAIN Error in Chrome(tried with many browsers)

Sure sir