Error(license key)

HI there,
Yesterday I installed Warp Beta PC.
Today I entered the license key from my phone, it had 1 gb warp + data.
I activated Cf Warp in Pc and it no longer works properly.
It couldn’t even connect to your network(Singapore).


Hey there,

Thanks for your question.

Just to confirm, does warp+ no longer work on the PC or on the phone? Is the issue still happening?


I would also like to call in @kkrum, he is from the correct team.


Can you file a feedback via the in-app mechanism and send me the ticket number that gets sent to your email?

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WARP+ Works in my phone but doesn’t work in my PC.
If I try to connect to warp in my PC,it connects but if I try to open any websites.I get a NXDOMAIN Error in Chrome(tried with many browsers)

Sure sir

@kkrum @CascadingStyle

i have the same problem
what should i do

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on Cloudflare WARP. Your feedback (6145) will be reviewed by our staff and we may follow up for additional information if needed.

To add additional comments, reply to this email.

Thanks, just responded to this via the ticket.

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