Does not Seem to Work with Boing, GoGoInFlight, etc

This is probably a FAQ, but when I’m on plane flights or in airports, I often cannot connect to the WIFI service at all. I get a domain name error. When I delete and from my DNS (note: MacOSX 10.14.3) the local DNS provider kicks in and it connects immediately to the services.
Is there a workaround for this issue?

The issue here is most likely abuse of the (and sometimes of the whole address space from routers. Cloudflare can’t do anything unless they literally change the address, but they chose this one for the specific purpose of seeing the sort of “noise” around that address.

That’s interesting. I just assumed that, since I’m probably behind a router in a private network, only the services’ DNS can point me in the right direction.

No, not really. They can for sure block external DNS queries (at least standard to port 53 ones), but on most networks nothing like that is setup.

One possible case in the specific instance here is that the services may use local resolution to resolve the authentication portal (most often than not at itself), that would prevent the usage of any external DNS.