does not resolve route53 subdomains deeper levels

When a new hosted zone delegates subdomains with a deeper level, only is not able to resolve them. For example, if I delegate from myapp.com hosted zone:

I tried to add delegation of test.subdomain.myapp.com in subdomain.myapp.com hosted zone, and correctly resolve it, but I would like to manage all my delegations from myapp.com hosted zone.

Anyone know a workaround for this issue?

Many Thanks,

As the NS record delegates authority over subdomain.example.com, I can see how the behavior might be reasonable. I don’t have any RFC or similar handy, but my gut feeling is that a strict implementation would respect the delegation, which should cover anything under/below that domain.

You can probably get around this if you don’t need to delegate at multiple levels. Like instead of…


… you could do…


Essentially two Route 53 hosted zones instead of three. It can scale to a large number of delegations straight from the example.com Route 53 hosted zone as long as you can avoid overlap (as in “subdomain” NS record kind of hiding “test.subdomain”).

The feasibility depends entirely on your record structure. I’m thinking something like this, but your use case might be different.

example.com hosted zone:
prod.us.example.com NS <awsdns…>
prod.eu.example.com NS <awsdns…>

prod.us.example.com hosted zone:
mysql.prod.us.example.com A
microservice1.prod.us.example.com A

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