DNS Working Slow ON PS4 in Pakistan 🇵🇰

Hey !!
I’m facing slow download and upload on PS4 by using and DNS on PS4 because as compare to Google DNS and which is working faster on PS4, I have 20Mbps connection 20 down and 20 up but Google DNS giving me 19Mbps download and 4-6Mbps upload but Cloudflare DNS giving me 10-15Mbps download and 400-800kbps upload only.

Possibly because CF DNS does not support ECS (in a way sending your geolocation), you are not routed to a nearby fast location. Google does support it.

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Cloudflare DNS is working faster on other devices and which is located in my city with 2-4ms ping but the Google DNS giving me 15ms ping and also providing me high download and upload speed on PS4 but the Cloudflare DNS does’nt provide me high download and upload speed as compared to Google DNS.

Couple of things.

  1. Cloudflare’s DNS isn’t actually doing anything to the bandwidth, it’s simply DNS resolution.
  2. The DNS resolution can direct you to a farther server, but that is unfortunately not actually due to the DNS, but the provider’s configuration.

But why Google DNS gives me faster download and upload speed on PS4 as compared to cloudflare DNS.

Because, as I explained, not every DNS server replies with the same IP, since the website operator can configure it multiple ways.

Cloudflare’s DNS may reply with a farther and/or less performant server because it was told to reply that by the website’s authoritative DNS server.