DNS isnt working but is working!

I cant manage to work because this address has a conflict with my router/modem.

But is working.

How can I manage this issue?

You need to contact the manufacturer of your modem for an update to release that IP address.

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Hi @markibh, that is the exact reason is in place. Please share your router detail here and ill let the team know. This is not uncommon and we have been able to get a number of isps and hardware manufactures to move off the 1. IP.

Its a Pace “Power Box” model V5471 most used by ViVo/Telefónica.

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Telefónica hops in Europe are very laggy tho…!


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As your mentioned, has been used, as @sandro say, unless you have a way to release, it can not be managed. In fact, this is a very common problem. is usually used as the intranet address of devices such as routers.