DNS improvements

The Good

Last-mile location proximity
Cached Results
No need for a static IP or an IP updater(like OpenDNS)

The Bad/Improvement

Cloudflare results take almost two times longer to reach us/resolution speed compared to Google/Open DNS


  • Cloudflare : 0.083s
  • OpenDNS : 0.046s
    • Google : 0.038s


  • Cloudflare : 0.080s
  • OpenDNS : 0.040s
    • Google : 0.053s

These observations have been made during normal day to day use and with the tool DNSBench(for concrete numbers) on a clean install of windows and all the possible Software up to date( 02 September 2021), Networking side: Cat8 Cable 0.5m, directly connected to the ONT only with that device connected and tested at 4 times during the day: 8:00, 12:43, 16:49, 02:43, with variation between results of + or - 0.001s, Location Sibiu,Romania, ISP: Digi Business

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