I have the apk app. I installed it on my streaming device. It works perfect. I went from 97mbps to 114mbps when I switch it to “Connect”. My question is everytime I switch off my streaming device, turns itself off. Is there a way to always keep the .apk app on and not have to always turn it back on after I turn off my device? When I turn on my device in the morning, the app I guess turns itself off with the device and I would like to know how to keep the app on all the time?

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Go to Network & Internet -> Advanced -> VPN -> Tap or click the gear and set the VPN to ‘always keep the VPN active’ (something like that, i have a German UI).
It’s for Android Pie but IIRC it’s similar for older versions.

Check if it helps

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Why would anybody do this themselves? :crazy_face:

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