Data Usage - 1GB in 3 days

The problem here now is, we are discussing two different cases, where each hasnt been precisely defined yet. If the OP’s actually used data volume is half of what iOS reports, we’d know iOS counts it twice. If, on the other hand, it matches the VPN really “magically” doubled traffic.

@roger.benson, can you check what your ISP actually thinks you used? You said earlier you can find that out only at the end of the month, but at the same time said you have already exceeded it.

@sandro Agreed; these scenarios appear to be different.

@wsuschmitt, what’s your iOS version? One of the iOS 13.something updates stopped showing a green bubble in the top left corner for me; it shows VPN in a box instead now, but only when I swipe down to open the control area. If you’re on an old version, that could explain why you’re seeing behavior that I can’t explain on the latest version.

#3282 on Verizon shows that period’s data usage. I neglected to go back and edit myself.

Here’s a thought, does show any traffic details? Maybe not in the app, but online? That could settle it once and for all.
I call shenanigans on Apple for double counting.

I dont know what “#3282” is supposed to be, however if your provider’s logs state you have used two gigabytes you most likely have and iOS would be right about your used volume.

It’s now about 24 hours later, and T-Mobile is showing 1011.6 MB–an increase far less than what I used. I’m not sure what to make of that.

A phone number–you call it and you’re told your current usage.

@roger.benson never actually said what his usage was, but I got the impression he discovered it was closer to 1 GB:

In message #23 he seemed to have suggested his provider’s statistics match what iOS reports.

I got the opposite impression, since he said Apple was double-counting.

In that case his two consecutive messages would contradict each other.

It really comes down to if the numbers match or not.

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They aren’t the same time periods. The 1.9 GB usage I first spoke of started on 12/13 when I reset the iPhone logging and ran to 12/16. My iPhone showed 2.0GB usage on 12/17, a .1GB difference for 1 day. The 2GB (Dial #3283) Verizon has recorded started several days before 12/13. Since my corporate managed account shows the current period ends on 1/11/20, I’m assuming it began on 12/11/19.

I am on a corporate plan and they give out very little in the way of detail on usage. My interface into the billing is mostly concerned around chargeback and what the total data is, all after the fact. Anything up to date is from using Verizon’s dialing codes, which their internal technicians say are about 12-24 hours out of date.

So if we assume that Apple isn’t recording the outgoing data usage correctly and counting it on top of what records, that sounds like things are being transferred through the VPN like they’re supposed to be. Maybe.

Until my billing cycle rolls over, I am not using on cellular. I’ll be at home for most of the holidays and have set the preferences to only use WiFi, which due to shortsightedness on Apple’s part, application network usage on WiFi is not logged (at least not where I can easily get at it.) I am working on a way to monitor my home WiFi usage by device, but haven’t finalized exactly how to do it. My companies VPN doesn’t like Verizon, NetGear, or Linksys routers, so I’m using an EERO mesh system which doesn’t do that (yet.) Once it has recycled, I will do a little testing on my own to see what I can learn.

If anyone (Hello Cloudflare!) knows where the data log is, I would appreciate it.

And to forestall the inevitable advice on what VPN my company should use, there are currently just under 500,000 people employed by us globally. My recommendations would fall on deaf ears and I suspect that we don’t procure VPN products, we write our own.

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Alright, in this case we can probably really attribute it to Apple’s way of counting traffic in case of a VPN.


It’s Apple’s way of counting traffic no matter what. If one observes the insane amounts of outgoing traffic going from iOS / iPadOS not only to multiple Apple endpoints, but also to Apple’s “partners”, of which Google is one (a quick look at outgoing packets will show traffic heading straight from iOS to Google with absolutely no Google interaction on the user’s part. This includes www dot google dot com - why, I’ve no idea. Then there’s iCloud, including e.g. metrics dot iCloud dot com, etc. - hence the solution of using, e.g., a product / app such as AdGuard Pro to block such traffic to reduce data usage, along with ofc the benefits of not having to see ad after ad after ad while using various apps.