Cloudflare data centre location doesn't add up


When I do a test on I get as datacentre location BRU (Brussels, Belgium)
However, any other test I do eg ipleak.net or dnsleaktest.com the IP of my DNS is categorized as United Kingdom.

Which is it?

Which IP?

That is to be expected, the vast majority of people will have a DC closer to the than the actual legal location of an IP.

according to the tests my DNS server is ; i assume this is the anycast result of

According to almost any source I can find is located in the UK
So i find it strange that according to the help page i’m connected to a Belgian server

This is the Cloudflare’s IP that it’s used to query upstream DNS resolvers. It belongs to Cloudflare, which is based in San Francisco, USA. That location you get is wrong regardless.

The Ip is an anycast IP, being advertised from all Cloudflare’s POPs, which are around 180.

That is correct actually. You are actually connected to that POP. You can check that with a traceroute from the command line.

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Thanks for that, I did a tracert and the last two steps are:

5 11 ms 36 ms 10 ms cloudflare.bnix.net []
6 10 ms 11 ms 10 ms one.one.one.one []

Where the 194* is located in Belgium :smiley:

Thanks again

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