When going to the site https://lostfilm.tv redirects me to http://blocked.mts.ru/?host=?url=http%3A%2F%2Flostfilm.tv%2F&ip=

My provider is not mts.ru

I am using warp to bypass site locks in my country. cloudflare started working with authorities in my country and is no longer private?

windows(firefox private network) & ios

WARP isn’t made to work as a geographic VPN. It’s just a quick secure tunnel out of your local network.

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For sites from this list, cloudflare should not use a server in Russia(like mts.ru)

I confirm the issue. It seems to me that Cloudflare relies on an upstream provider recursive DNS resolver, which is probably not the best option here. The upstream provider (MTS) intercepts DNS requests because the site is blocked by the Russian government. This behavior is not something I would expect from Cloudflare.

This has been addressed at Route from UK to CloudFlare host goes via MTS (Russian operator)?