cannot resolve vipmobile.rs cannot resolve vipmobile.rs

Hi :wave: , can you go to and post the generated link with debug information?
Also running following commands would be helpful:

$ dig @ vipmobile.rs AAAA
$ dig @ vipmobile.rs A

help info

Beleška 2020-03-25 212751

This shows that your computer can reach and get IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Where did you get the original error message? In a browser? Command line on your PC?

When I try to open “vipmobile.rs” on my laptop via Edge browser I am getting this error - “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT”. When I disable webpage loads normally. It is exactly the same situation as in Chrome browser on my phone.

The thing here is that “vipmobile.rs” is like base url, it immediately redirects you to this webpage: “https://www.vipmobile.rs/privatni” , and it is the one that causes issue to…

That’s not a valid command. nslookup is for looking up DNS records, but you typed in a URL.

Try: nslookup www.vipmobile.rs

Sorry for that. Here it is…

Beleška 2020-03-26 180707

Again, webpage that cannot be loaded - “https://www.vipmobile.rs/privatni@mvavrusa

I’ve just checked and it seems to open https://www.vipmobile.rs/privatni properly using on IPv4. I haven’t tested the IPv6 though.

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Have no idea… I am getting this…

Hmm, could you try and disable IPv6 temporarily on your computer, just to check if it’s something regarding the settings.

I’ve checked also from Mobile with the Cloudflare WARP app and I can reach the website.

Also, would you mind checking and see what results you get and which shows as your Cloudflare Data Center?

I really do not know what is going on here.

I have disabled IPv6, issue still remains. On my phone, website is unreachable too.

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It seems like you’re able to resolve it (based on the nslookup), but the address takes too long to respond to web requests. Maybe traceroute would help to figure out if there’s a connectivity issue, or the upstream is unresponsive.