cannot resolve videolan.org

I’ve been experiencing this issue for a few weeks now. This is from Shaw Internet in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. Included nslookup logs below showing that the issue is with specifically - Google’s DNS for example does the lookup just fine.

There was some small discussion on r/cloudflare on Reddit about a month back, appears some other Canadian users were having issues (Toronto).

I haven’t found any other domains that has trouble with, just VLC’s site.

New users can only have two links in a post, so I’ve had to make some modifications to the below paste.

C:\Users\Jon>nslookup videolan.org
Server: one.one.one.one

*** one.one.one.one can’t find videolan: Server failed

C:\Users\Jon>nslookup videolan.org
Server: dnsgoogle

Non-authoritative answer:
Name: videolan
Addresses: 2a01:e0d:1:3:58bf:fa02:c0de:5

This seems to be a recurring problem. @pzimmerman had looked into that issue.

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