cannot resolve my domain but can

My domain is using cloudflare CDN,the problem is suddenly happen.

about 1 or 2 days ago, cannot resolve my domain treehing.tk , www.treehing.tk, but use and other DNS resolver can resolve,that’s mean if my computer use,I use web browser go to my domain www.treehing.tk / treehing.tk,it fail,but if I use other resolver (or similar),I can go to my site.

even I disabled the cloudflare CDN,the problem exist, still cannot resolve my static IP.

I’ve already tried to reflushed the DNS cache in my computer,no use for this action.

Thanks for help first.

Try again. I did a purge-cache for that domain at

Thanks for your help,I really dunno have a page to purge the DNS cache, but when I try again,it still have the same problem. (I used Mac & Linux terminal to try).

Do I need to run some command to update something?

That didn’t last long. My lookups are failing now. Contact Support. Maybe they can figure out why it’s not there.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

Thank you.

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DnsViz reports to me that they have serious trouble with .tk servers. I have too little information to throw any blame, but in general I find it a little risky to use fancy/exotic top-level domains – but I’m of course biased due to working for a ccTLD registry+operator.

Well, technically .tk is a regular ccTLD as well and not an ngTLD :wink:

I knew that, but being a far-away exotic ccTLD actually makes things worse than (n)gTLD, in my eyes at least… but every domain holder gets what they choose and pay for, and different people have different priorities :woman_shrugging: