cannot resolve hyundaicard.com, hyundaicapital.com

Hi, I am DNS engineer working for Hyundai Card company in Korea.

Korean users cannot access domains “hyundaicard.com”, “hyundaicard.co.kr”, “hyundaicapital.com”.
Users who live in another place such as Europe, America can access these domains.
Maybe I think GSLB server in Seoul, Korea cannot answer these queries.
This issue is very critical to hyundaicard corp.

Is there any way to fix this issue?

Hi good day!!!
Indeed, from Buenos Aires - Argentina all the mentioned domains are correctly resolved.
Cloudflare support people should check this problem.


Thank you for checking in Argentina!
I hope they check this domain.

Wow. Now that is odd. I cannot connect to either site from within Korea (using ProtonVPN). I would think that CloudFlare would want to resolve this issue ASAP for a corporation as huge as Hyundai.

Yes. This issue is so huge issue. Is there any way to contact CloudFlare DNS team?

I think CloudFlare team solved this problem. Now it is working well.

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