Blocking Parler.com?

Yesterday I enabled your - in my router and today discovered partler.com was not found in DNS. The same is happening in the iPhone app. I believe the site was politically attacked and other than horrible coding it’s okay. I’ve even recommended CloudFlare to the admins, created this tutorial narrated screen video, but nobody’s listening! CloudFlare CDN & Web Security Features Consultant Tour (doccyber.org)

This has come up before:

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Damn if I can figure those Parler guys out. They should be using CloudFlare especially since the site is feeding from Switzerland, with too many long-distance hops slowing the site to a crawl. Not counting CoudFlares firewall and caching would make that site scream like a fine-tuned Ferrari at Lemans!

But not in '66. :grin:

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We’ve come a long way since those years. I’m turning 70 soon and are still going like ■■■■! An old Fidonet BBS Sysop turned webmaster and MAGA blogger. http://bbs.docsplace.org online since 1991!

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