app won't connect to both dns and warp

Today, after I turned on my PC, the app won’t connect to both dns and warp. It keeps attempting to connect on both dns and warp. There is an error message when trying to connect to the warp,
Status: Unable to connect
Error reason: Failed DNS Lookup Check
Error description: Could not connect because of DNS lookup failure.
Learn more: https://cfl.re/CF_DNS_LOOKUP_FAILURE.

This the nslookup result:
Default Server: one.one.one.one
In the connectivity tab,
API connectivity: connected
DNS connectivity: connected
WARP connectivity: not connected
Colocation connectivity: not connected

Everything was normal yesterday, and it could connect to both and warp. These what I tried to fix it: re-install app, restart my pc, and reset my pc network adapter using win command, but didn’t make any change. What’s wrong with it? Thank you.

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