app waiting error!

Hi, I was using the app without any problem but since new update it doesn’t connect and says waiting, your network wants you to sign in. I don’t understand the situation here!

I installed the app 6.7 (1994) on my Pixel 4a.about a week ago. This morning, I noticed that my mail (IMAP) was not synchronizing. I turned WiFi on and off, but that did not help, I opened and got the same error as above. Pausing resolved my mail issue. When I un-paused, it connected connected fine.

Based on the timestamps on the mail that appeared after I toggled, it seems to have been stuck since last night. Neither my router nor my ISP requires signin. The app (same version) running on my Tab S2 for the last two weeks did not show any issues.

If it happens again, I will collect additional information.

Thanks, Norbert