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A while ago I updated the application on iOS and was asked if I am interested in the Warp feature rolling out soon. Of course I am interested and I registered and got a number on the waiting list. It was something in the 35,000. Since then there were 2 updates and every time my number on the waiting list is growing.
Today was a new update and I am now #606,578 on the waiting list. Is it better not to update until the Warp is available or is Cloudflare capable to remember the number they allocated when registering for the upcoming service?

It should be based off of some unique identifier from your device, so it shouldn’t change between updates.

Not sure what it’s based on, but maybe it’s the advertising identifier. Have you reset the Advertising tracking ID or do you have limited ad tracking turned on in iOS?

Edit: nevermind. this is weird. I just updated, and it went from spot 163,570 to #9184. I guess don’t update in the future? cc @cs-cf

Updated myself, got #9512 now… Was 162k before.

Updated, just for fun. No change on Android

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:crazy_face: iOS wins!

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I just experienced the same thing about 1/2 an hour ago. I was bumped back over 200,000 places in line! I have an iPhone XS Max so I know it’s not a hardware thing. I hope they fix this, I’ve been eager to upgrade to Warp+

Matthew, Cloudflare’s CEO, says that once they open up signups the queue should clear pretty far, it shouldn’t matter much 100k places more or less.

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