App doesn't work (handle network change failed)


I have a problem using the application, and I’ll be glad if you can help.

When trying to connect, the application endlessly displays the following message: “connecting, updating information” (as shown in the screenshot).

At the same time, the connection does not occur, the ip address does not change. Resetting network settings, resetting phone settings, reinstalling an app doesn’t help.

In logs i can see the following message:
handle network change failed (full text is on the screenshot).

Other VPN apps work well on the phone. My internet provider is Beeline (Russia).

it will not change your public IP. as for as the connection of internet make sure you installed ca certificate and the time of your network is correct. if you are using teams

if you are a normal user check the troubleshooting steps in the app or check the timing of your device. or try in another mobile to see if its working

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