Android 6.0.1

Hello I am trying on my LG X screen phone change to but I cannot access the internet after that ( On this router I can’t access the router settings I am not the owner) as sean in this video

Can you visit on your phone on that wifi network?

It could be that is not accessible on that network the troubleshooting link might help you debug, although a bit harder to do on a phone than a ‘real’ computer.

Yes on that I can access same for my home network (I have access to my home network settings but I cannot change/enable DNS service [ IPv4 and IPv6 as sean in my previous post] ) on my home network the same thing happens as in video.

If you follow those same steps and set your nameserver to does it work? Wondering if the IP address settings are correct? Also if you just use any difference? doesn’t work same as also the IP is all correct as sean in video for my device will not save the settings if I don’t type thoes in.

With either or in place can you visit That wouldn’t require a DNS lookup and the error I saw in the video was destination host unreachable (or something close to that effect) which makes me think perhaps the gateway or subnet may be incorrect.

In second image I had preloaded the page and that happens

Yeah that looks like a network settings config issue on the device. Can you confirm the network settings you are entering IP/gateway/subnet are appropriate for the network you’re on.

It wasn’t correct the correct is

As sean in picture
But in second one when I again tryed changing the routers dns this is ( btw with that check box it doesn’t do anything also checked on the html code)