and youtube not resolving hostnames, but works

My DNS is set to and I can’t seem to play certain youtube videos. In the browser console, I see several ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED errors for hosts like: rr6—sn-qxo7rn7s DOT googlevideo DOT com

The name of the video is: 10 things narcissists do to appear smarter than they really are
However, when I set the resolver to it works every time. Any ideas?

Google changed something… the rr6----sn-qxo7rn7s part will change on every reload and downstream DNS gets SERVFAIL on first lookup. Problem is you cant cache it because it keeps regenerating.

Cant seem to get CF’s attention though about it.

Same thing happening here. Changed DNS servers for now.

Yes they did. Any ideas on how to raise this as an issue?

Hi @dave51 & @StealthBear, we identified an issue which could probably affect the domain in some regions. It should be fixed soon. In the meantime, we added a workaround, hopefully things should work for you now.

@anb What was the issue?

Not entirely sure if that was the cause, but there was a change in our anti abuse system, which could affect some incompatible clients.

Thank you for the love! I will test and revert.

All of the best