and your problems

Various users related problem with and providers and routers, correct? Was a good idea? Or is best an new alternative of numbers to your resolvers? Example: and :thinking:

We think was an awesome idea. We knew in advance that the entire address space had been highly abused and enjoy solving tough problems. Response from network providers and ISPs has generally been nothing short of fabulous (at least the portions of the conversations to which I have been privy) and occasionally colourful. :orange: is already available as a Cloudflare resolver along with 2 IPv6 addresses.


I like dns service of Cloudflare and now use how my primary and secondary dns. It is my favorite dns service now. I only waiting correction of problem of latency here.

“ is already available as a Cloudflare resolver along with 2 IPv6 addresses.”

Why not add how alternative to with problems? It is an suggestion only. I like of dns service of Clouflare.

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I believe that there’s so much redundancy in Cloudflare’s network that a secondary DNS entry is (mostly) unnecessary. I’m sure there’s some edge case similar to the current situation where it’s nice to fall back to a secondary.

I can’t ever recall seeing any DNS query of mine falling back to, but it feels good to have a backup.

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I just found this service. I followed the Windows instructions, and reloaded Chrome. How do I know/test if I’m correctly figured. I tried a Google Speed Test, and it gave me the same speeds as my ISP (up/down 20/20). So I’m not so clear if I am configured correctly. What other benefits are enjoyed by using this service?

You’re not going to see an increase in your ISP’s speed, but it will make DNS lookups a lot faster. You can verify your configuration here:

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OK. I can understand that now, as you explain it. I actually mentioned my stats because I was confused. And your explanation cleared that confusion up. Thank you.

I looked up the link to your checker. It raised a few more questions…

Debug Information

|Connected to|Yes|
|Using DNS over HTTPS (DoH)|No|
|Using DNS over TLS (DoT)|No|
|AS Name|Cloudflare|
|AS Number|13335|
|[Cloudflare Data Center]|NRT|

Connectivity to Resolver IP Addresses



  1. I’m connected via an HTTPS connection. So why is my connected via DoH.DoT not connected. This sounds like a bad thing. So how to turn those No’s to Yes’s.
  2. I entered IPv6’s into my setup along with the IPv4 IP Addresses into my setup. OK, I understand that I’m using IPv4 addressing. But if I wanted to use IPV6. How do I go about doing that.

Apologies. For any misconceptions shown by my questions. I’m only a layman, in these things.

To connect via DoH (or DoT) you need a program running on your computer (similar to what the app does on mobile) getting the standard DNS queries to the normal port 53 and forwarding them via HTTPS. The actual connection via browser to Cloudflare-dns.com is irrelevant.

You would need to have IPv6 enabled by your ISP, configure it in your internal network and then the settings for IPv6 DNS will actually have a meaning and a purpose.

OK. Thank you. So where do I get this program for Windows 10?

The current version of Firefox (64) supports DoH.

I presume from that comment that it is not yet in Chrome. And there is no separate program/add-on available also?

Dunno. I use a Mac and the only way I get DoH is by using Firefox.

There is DNSCrypt, but is not maintained anymore. There is Cloudflare’s CLI client, but needs a but of setup.


How to stop using this DNS? my pc still access to dns and pls help


You can change it by going to the setup instructions again, and entering a different IP address instead of the Cloudflare IPs. As a second choice, I recommend (Google DNS).

still the same, when i go to
there’s written :
Connectivity to Resolver IP Addresses YES YES

what that mean?
did Cloudflare dns causing can’t download google drive? thanks for the reply

the “connectivity” section just indicates if you can actually connect to the IP address. That saying YES does not mean you are connected to Cloudflare’s resolver.

the “Connected to” section indicated whether or not you’re actually connected to Cloudflare resolver, since it’s NO then you are not using for DNS.

No. This is an issue unrelated to DNS, and unrelated to Cloudflare.

ok then it’s a good news for me, now i want to use this dns again
how can i connect to Cloudflare dns?
i’ve setting my router dns to and and in my laptop (im using wifi) i’ve changed the dns to and and still not connected to when i checked in
and i don’t know about ipv6 dns setting, thanks for the reply


After changing the DNS, You must clear the DNS cache, Search the internet for this: How to clear DNS cache on windows.

If some websites do not load when you use, You must set your MTU size modem to 1412.
Search the internet for this: "how to change MTU size on “Router name”