and Vivo Fiber (Provider in Brazil)

The provider Vivo redirect your users when typing to your web page of control of your service Vivo Fiber. Exist an problem here, not? Not is correct that Vivo uses, correct?

It was reported to us already, it seems it’s due to the D-Link DMG-6661

Do you have this router?


The problem not occurs for me. But I read users that cited in other site the problem. Second comentaries that I read, the default dns of provider Vivo redirect your clients to your panel (when clients of plan internet fiber). Now when users use third-party dns (Google DNS, OpenDNS, and others) the users access site of Cloudflare ( normal.

Original modem that gives this problem. Acessing through redirects me to gateway page so that I can only use for DNS. If I set my dns to accessing still sets to gateway page. Using a custom TPLink I’m able to reach with default ISP DNS without problems. ISP - Vivo Fiber

The users coments in Tecnoblog

“Legal que se eu acessar o, caio no painel da Vivo Fibra”

“Se vc tiver usando o DNS padrão da Vivo, com ctz. Eu sou usuário Vivo Fibra , estou usando outros DNSes e caí direto na pág. da Cloudflare”

“coloque o ip no roteador ou no seu SO, e depois acessa, no meu funcionou!”

I’m thinking how Cloudflare will fix the problem. :thinking:

The same is happening to me here. When I try to reach I am directed to my router settings webpage. The router is an Askey RTF3507VW-N1. It seems that these routers used by Vivo have set as a secondary IP address.