and DuckDNS name resolution issues

Hi there. It seems that there is some ongoing issue using Cloudflare DNS ( to resolve DuckDNS subdomains.

I’ve tested 6 different duckDNS sub-domains and each and every one of them are unable to get resolved using either or (did not try IPv6 as I do not have any DuckDNS AAAA records as of now)

Testing out the same domains using other public DNS services (like Google’s, IBM’s or Level 3 all end up resolving the domain fine.

Example: dig @ .duckdns.org works while dig @ .duckdns.org fails.

Same goes for good old nslookup = server can’t find .duckdns.org: SERVFAIL = server can’t find .duckdns.org: SERVFAIL

I’ve seen one other recent thread on this issue, but aside suggesting changing your DNS provider, nothing else has been discussed. Now, what if the person on the other end cannot change their DNS settings, and want to use a duckDNS address (or a CNAME that resolve to a duckDNS entry…) It’s likely to fail.



(NOTE: I’ve replaced my real sub-domains with …)

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