and unable to resolve domain name

Resolution for gradea.ca was working as of last week sometime but then just stopped. Our DNS provider rebel.ca did have issues last week with a server upgrade so possibly related, but resolution seems to work fine from other sources (ISP/Google).
Checking other posts of a similar nature they indicated to run the domain through dnsviz.net and there was a discrepancy between the authoritative and delegate nameservers (same IP resolution but different DNS Names). I have corrected that, the only issues remaining are a difference of glue records, seems like the DNS provider posts duplicate A records for the nameservers for failover possibly.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Here is the output of the recommended tests for Name Resolution Issues.
I had to upload a screenshot as I believe it was detecting the nameserver responses as links and I’m limited to 4.

It seems like the nameservers for the domain, dns.domainsatcost.ca and dns2.domainsatcost.ca are unreachable from our YYZ PoP. I’ll try to reach out to the provider to resolve this.

Thank you, not sure if you heard back or not but I just manually checked using NSLookup and it seems to be responding with the domain information.

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