and Latency Rising to the Same Speeds as ISP's and Competitors' Latencies


Hello, I have been using for quite some time, and have been very content with it (latencies of~10ms, vs ~60ms with everything else, including ISP), to the point that I have set it on our router.
Since about a month ago, latency on has risen to ~60ms, with no change for competitors (except for Quad9, whose latency has improved for me from ~140ms to ~60ms), however remained at ~10ms, so I had simply switched the order.
Now, however, the latency is ~60ms on both and, and once again, there is no difference in the latencies with competitor DNSs, or the ISPs DNS, which means that everyone is at ~60ms.

I live in Israel, and the nearest Cloudflare server is in Tel-Aviv, so this is quite odd for me (especially since my ISP is also based in Tel-Aviv, as is the telecommunications provider).


Can you post some ‘traceroute’ results for and


Sorry, I’ve been in up to my ears trying to troubleshoot our internet connection, to the point that I had completely replaced our equipment.
Here is my latest traceroute:
traceroute to (, 64 hops max
1 0.963ms 0.987ms 1.085ms
2 2.253ms 1.940ms 2.442ms
3 2.890ms 2.892ms 2.254ms
4 189.971ms 9.800ms 9.265ms
5 47.333ms 65.316ms 9.713ms
6 9.922ms 9.048ms 9.040ms
7 10.533ms 10.391ms 9.282ms
8 59.530ms 63.142ms 58.714ms
9 60.518ms 59.395ms 59.456ms
10 61.751ms 126.606ms 60.642ms
11 61.092ms 61.302ms 60.686ms
12 61.593ms 62.212ms 61.547ms
13 60.696ms 60.870ms

I have a sneaking suspicion, based upon the results, that the issue may be caused by one of the local network cabinets (I have managed to obtain a copy of my ISP’s equipment provider’s network map of my area, and based upon it, I have found the network cabinet in suspicion, open, and with no authorized personnel in sight (during the rain too)).
However there may be additional areas too (for reference, our download speed from servers in the same country is slightly less than half now, while international transactions are ~400-420Kbts).


Your ISP is Telzar, correct? Apart from two spikes within your ISP’s network (50 to 190 milliseconds) it seems to stay around 10 milliseconds, however the moment your ISP passes the packets on to the next carrier it jumps up to about 60 milliseconds, where it appears to remain for the rest of the hops.

That might because of some mis-patching in one of your ISP’s cabinets but thats difficult to tell with certainty. Only your ISP will be able to shed some light here. I’d forward that trace to them, possibly along with an earlier 10ms trace.

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