and DNS on router cant access facebook

hello, i have set up and on my isp router and cant access facebook. i am from myanmar and goverment have blocked facebook since coup and most people here use 1111 since it can bypass the ban and didnt slow down already slow internet. this is my first time setting up dns on router. pls help me.

router is ips huawei HG8145V5


What do these commands say?

nslookup facebook.com
nslookup www.facebook.com

DNS resolution seems to work fine. Maybe your ISP blocks the IP address.

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so can not bypass isp ban with dns?? but app works.

Yes, that is not a DNS issue. Contact your ISP, maybe they block that.

You can also try Windows desktop client · Cloudflare WARP client docs

They cant help it. Military government effectively ban facebook nation wide since people are protesting using facebook. Telecoms either accept it or withdraw from myanmar like norwegian telecom telenor.

Then you won’t be able to access the site. You can try mentioned tunnel service or another provider.

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