& unreachable from Pepephone (Spain)

I have discovered that a Spanish mobile ISP is misusing both and IP addresses.

This is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) so they use the infrastructure of several operators like Masmovil / Yoigo.

Depending on the IP assigned to the customer (remember, this is a 3G/4G connection), the IP unavailable is either or

When the IP assigned starts with 3 (three), then is unreachable but works.
When the IP assigned starts with 4 (four), then works but is unreachable.


I have already contacted them but they fail to acknowledge the issue, maybe some from Cloudflare can reach them.

Contact Information:

@pepephone on Twitter -
Xfera Moviles SA / Yoigo -
Xfera Moviles SA / Yoigo