Since is not reachable in Libya, can I use for DNS1 & for DNS2?..Would it be any problem in manner of security and performance if I do so?


That’s not showing anything for us, and you’ve added no description.

Could you describe the problem and post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?


I apologise to you…I made a mistake…now I changed my question.


That’s a great solution. and are the same. And it’s always good to have something like as a backup DNS server.


My concern is the security, I do trust cloudflare more than Google.

#6 is just as secure at For a more secure backup, I recommend https://quad9.com


Thank you very much


Hello guys
Normally the closest cloudflare data center to my country Libya is located at Greece, but today I have just noticed that I am using France servers which is more far of Libya… anyone knows why?