0 traffic and I've enabled now Under Attack mode

I have had zero traffic on the website through Google for 4 months, even though I have made many changes. I installed Wordfence 9 days ago and it has detected more than 400 attacks on me.

Last night, I enabled under attack mode on Cloudflare. Will it give false positives? in two hours it blocked me 18 attacks, but the stats don’t update anymore. Mark the analysis done 10 hours ago.

I have been looking for a solution for 4 months and perhaps the problem was related to the security of my website.

  • You who know more, could it be a possible cause?
  • How long do I keep under attack mode enabled?
  • Should I take extra precautions or need to do something else to improve my website situation if the problem is security and spam?

400 attacks is a Tuesday on the internet. Are you experiencing an actual issue with your website? If not disable under attack mode and go enjoy your Saturday.

If you are experiencing an issue can you provide more details as to the issue / errors?

I’m not sure.

After a few days that I activated the under attack mode, I believe it created some false positives with Wordfence. I haven’t had any traffic for over a week. Under attack mode is disabled on oldfreegame.com.

How do I resolve the situation?

As far as you mention Wordfence, I’d suggest you to do in the Wordfence options you have to select and choose “ CF-Connecting-IP ” option (Use the Cloudflare “CF-Connecting-IP”), do not forget to save to apply the changes.


Use the Cloudflare “CF-Connecting-IP” HTTP header to get a visitor IP. Only use if you’re using Cloudflare.

Wordfence is fully compatible with Cloudflare, and in some configurations, Cloudflare will send the real visitor IP address to your web server using the CF-Connecting-IP HTTP header. If Cloudflare support personnel have advised you that this is the case, then enable this option in Wordfence.

Note that Cloudflare has several configurations including their own web server module that takes care of detecting the visitor IP address, so be sure to work with their technical support staff and read their documentation to determine which configuration you are using.

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Double-check for this:

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