Gateway Gloudflare Gateway secures users, devices, and networks on the Internet. Team members need to connect to the Internet to do their jobs, but existing solutions try to keep them safe by forcing the Internet through legacy hardware. Without compromising performance, Cloudflare Gateway delivers comprehensive security to teams and data on the Internet. Access Cloudflare Access protects internal resources by securing, authenticating and monitoring access per-user and by application. With Cloudflare Access, only authenticated users with the required permissions are able to access specific resources behind the Cloudflare edge. Support for existing identity providers such as GSuite and Okta ensures the right users have easy and instant access regardless of physical location. By enforcing access rules at the edge, Cloudflare reduces latency for users. Spectrum Spectrum takes the Cloudflare benefits you know for websites, APIs, and apps, and extends them to everything else online. Email servers, gaming servers, IOT devices, and more. Have questions or feedback for the Spectrum team? This is where to read & post.
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ExpertTip - Getting Started with Cloudflare SSL & Site Protection

2 March 30, 2020
Welcome to the Security Category

Post to the Security category for Cloudflare Spectrum, Cloudflare Access, Free Universal SSL, Certificates, TLS, HSTS, or anything else on the SSL/TLS app. Start Here SSL/TLS Firewall Cloudflare WAF Readme Next …

1 December 13, 2018
Community Tip - Security FAQ Read Me First

Please Read Before Posting Please review this post and the ones linked and use the :search: in the top right to search for your issue. This Community Tip has questions and answers for the most frequently asked questions …

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